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New PDGA Rules for 2022: Additional Updates


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We’ve been featuring some of the most notable PDGA rules changes for 2022 on the DGU Blog . Click below to read each article in full:

Today, we will cover the rest of the rule changes you should know about. If you are playing in PDGA-sanctioned tournaments this year, you will want to understand these rule updates and additions. Most casual disc golf events (club monthlies, weekly leagues, dubs nights, etc.) will also follow standard PDGA rules, as well.

Excessive Time

The main change this year is that the PDGA removed the “free of distractions” language. Disc golfers now have 30 total seconds to throw. You can back off and reset as long as you complete your shot within the 30 second time frame, which starts once the following criteria are met:

  • After previous player has thrown; and
  • After you have a reasonable amount of time to arrive at and determine the lie: and
  • When it’s your turn in the throwing order; and
  • During which the playing area is clear.

time 2Any player taking excessive time will first receive a warning. Penalty strokes can be assessed on subsequent violations. A player may also request extra time from the group for a bathroom break, as long as they return in a reasonable amount of time.


There are many types of misplay that can lead to penalty strokes, such as misplaying a hole (either intentionally or unintentionally). The PDGA strengthened the misplay rules this year by clarifying when a player is considered absent from their assigned group at the start of the round or if they have begun play with the wrong starting group or on the wrong starting hole. Any hole missed by a player in their assigned starting group and on their assigned holes will be assessed a score of par plus four (for example, they would take a 7 on a par-3 hole). This penalty is assessed for each hole missed.

Player Eligibility

You must now have a current PDGA membership in order to play in sanctioned B-tier or higher events. This includes A-tiers and elite series tournaments. You do not have to have a current membership to play in C-tiers, X-tiers or sanctioned leagues.

Distribution of Prizes

prizeIn order to receive a cash prize in a professional division of a PDGA-sanctioned tournament (except leagues), the player must have PDGA number. Active membership is not required, but a PDGA number must be established. Non-PDGA-numbered players are only eligible for trophy prizes. If you accept cash in a professional division with your PDGA number, you will no longer be eligible to compete as an amateur in divisions for which you don’t qualify.

There are a few other minor updates to the PDGA rulebook for 2022. Most are simply clarifying existing rules to avoid any confusion or misinterpretations. We suggest you check out this article from the PDGA that outlines all the new rules and provides specific language directly from the updated rulebook.

Published: May, 2022
Updated: January, 2024

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