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Bag Check: Do You Have Everything You Need for Your Disc Golf Event?


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One of the best ways to prepare for a disc golf tournament is to take time organizing your bag. You want to make sure you have everything you need for the event, including the desired discs, disc golf accessories and snacks. Here is our disc golf bag checklist:

Disc Selection

Innova Excursion bag filled up with everything You need for your disc golf event

Obviously, the most important thing in your disc golf bag is your discs. If you have had time to practice the course ahead of the event, then you may already have a very specific game plan for each hole. You know which type of disc you want to throw, or at least you might have it narrowed down to a couple choices depending on wind and other factors. Pack up your putters, mid-ranges, fairway drivers, and distance drivers. Have your scramble discs just in case you get into trouble. Eliminate extra discs if you know you won’t need them. Sometimes it’s better to simplify your bag a little while also lightening the load. You may even want to spend the night before cleaning or wiping your discs down so they feel good the day of the tournament.


You can check out our recent article featuring our “Top 10 Disc Golf Accessories” for some helpful ideas on what you may want to pack. Have your water canteen(s) clean and ready to fill up in the morning. Get your disc retrievers, portable chair, mini marker discs and rangefinder organized with your bag. You should also look at the weather report and figure out if you need extra towels, additional apparel or an umbrella. These are good things to keep in your car when traveling to any event. You never know when inclement weather will strike!


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We also have a recent article about the best disc golf snacks (click here to read). You can shop ahead of time or stop at the market the morning of the tournament. Get your sports or energy drinks, beef jerky, trail mix or whatever else you like to munch on during the round or in between rounds. Pack a sandwich or a meal if lunch isn’t being provided by the TD and if you don’t want to have to rush out and grab something during the break.

Health & Wellness

If you wear a knee brace, elbow sleeve or kinesiology tape when you play, make sure you have it available. The same goes for any ibuprofen, CBD products, vitamins or supplements you like to take to get through a long day of disc golf. Don’t forget your sunscreen, as well. You can pack some of these things in your disc golf bag or in your car so you have them when you need them.



Let’s face it. Some disc golfers are more organized than others. Some will stuff everything in their disc golf backpack and be fine. Others like to have everything perfectly organized before they start a round. Whatever your level of organization, it’s a good idea to get your bag ready the night before the event and make sure you have what you need. You might even want to check everything again in the morning before you leave home. There’s nothing worse than getting out on the course, checking your putter pocket, and realizing you forgot to bring a specific disc, snack or accessory. Organization and preparation are especially helpful if you are traveling any kind of distance for the disc golf tournament.

When you take the time to thoughtfully pack and organize your disc golf bag, it helps remove one little extra bit of stress during your rounds. You won’t be kicking yourself about forgetting to bring something important and you have everything you need at your convenience.

Published: December, 2021
Updated: January, 2024

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