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08/28/2023 // DGU Originals
August, 2023 // DGU Originals

DGU was in the early stages of the Zen Series, which consists of two creatures in an endless Yin-Yang appearing chase, when we saw artist Marm O. Set’s shark Sharpie drawing, and we knew we had the series’ lead-off design.

Fittingly, Marm O. Set’s badass design is paired with a brand new Innova model the KC Pro Mako3 , which is exclusive to DGU.

More about the Disc: For those of you unfamiliar with the Mako3, it’s a very fluid and forgiving midrange that has a penchant for straight flight.

Made from the firm, smooth KC Pro plastic, this Mako3 has similar characteristics to the Star Mako3, but with near effortless hyzer flip ability.   

Marm O. Set was honored to design the first stamp representation of the KC Pro Mako3.  

“It’s very flattering that DGU has this really cool disc and says we think your art can sell it. Flattering is a sugar-coated way of saying it. An ego trip might be a more accurate way of saying it,” joked Marm O. Set, who lives in Christiansburg, VA.

Marm O. Set…Wait, What?

Before we go any further about the design, you may be wondering about our artist’s name, Marm O. Set, which is spelled a bit differently than the tiny monkey.

Like most people, Mister O. Set has many interests: illustration, photography and videography to name a few. And with a name like Marm O. Set he feels he’s not limited in what he can do.

“I wanted something that could be used across the board,” said Marm O. Set, immediately becoming less serious. Plus, “I’m jealous of monkeys. If I could get away with throwing my poo at people, I would totally do it,” he added with a smirk.

Zombie Fire Shark

Marmoset entitled his prototype Sharpie shark drawing (the one that got DGU excited), Zombie Fire Shark. And if you look closely, you’ll see that it resembles the iconic Yin and Yang symbol. The fearsome shark makes up the darker Yin while the white, negative space with the scuba diver makes up the Yang.

This concept ties in great with DGU’s Zen Series with its Yin & Yang elements. The two-color stamp not only helped the Yin and Yang concept stand out here for the KC Pro Mako3, but also livened up one of Marm O. Set’s cooler compositional elements: the jet wash streaming from the Makos’ mouth and fin. It turned out quite cool because it uses the same stamp as the alternating Mako image on the stamp.

Funny Guy

Though he takes his work quite seriously – blocking out nearly everything when he’s in his design zone – Marm O. Set as you might imagine is quite light hearted. Here’s his current Facebook profile pic.

It’s of him and his little hamster Ham-Ham. After getting a new sketch program on his iPad, Marm O. Set said he wanted to play around with it and made the quick sketch. “That bugger is fast,” Marm said of Ham-Ham, who he outfitted with wings, a scarf, and aviator glasses.

Here’s another pic of him holding “Flash” the sloth, a friend he made while visiting an exotic animal zoo outside of Charlotte.

Like Discs for Tattoos.

Marm O. Set said he really didn’t try to make a unique looking shark for the KC Pro Mako3 design. He just tried to make it in his style, which he’s fashions from tattoo art.

Though there is a place for designs with very clean lines like in the XXL King Cobra he recently produced, he prefers a more free-handed style that shows that an actual human produced it.

He also finds the process of putting a design on a disc quite similar to that of a tattoo artist applying a design to someone’s body.

Though discs aren’t connected to our body they can become an extension of it, and they deserve the same care and craftsmanship that a tattoo artist uses for people’s bodies, said Marm O. Set.

Just as it’s a privilege for a tattoo artist to illustrate on people’s bodies, it’s also a true honor to design art for people’s favorite discs, said Marm O. Set.

He added, with a few chuckles, that he’d also be honored if someone used one of his disc designs for a tattoo, even if it was located on their butt.

Marm O. Set Brand Tattoos

Actually someone is planning on doing that. Marm O. Set said that an official for the Muscles for Romito event, plans on getting a tattoo of Marm O. Set’s art for the event. No word yet if it will be located on his butt, though. 

Published: February, 2019
Updated: August, 2023

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