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The Benefits of One-Disc Practice Rounds


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All disc golfers are working to build their bags  with all the discs they’ll need. You want to have a disc—and a shot selection—for every situation you may encounter on the disc golf course. You will probably want to bag a few backup putters and other discs, as well. When it comes to a focused practice regimen, however, there are actually many benefits to going out and practicing with just one disc at a time.

Whether you are just spending time out on the field, in your yard around a practice basket or playing a full round on an actual disc golf course, you can definitely improve your skills with one-disc practice rounds. Most players will play one-disc rounds with a putter or mid-range disc like an Innova XT Nova or a Mako3, but don’t be afraid to try it with a fairway driver or distance driver, as well.

Here are 5 reasons why one-disc rounds are beneficial:

1. Improve Your Disc Golf Form

On the DGU Blog, we’ve already written about how you can improve your form by practicing with mid-ranges and putters. A one-disc round is a great way to put this concept into action. Pick a putter or mid and play a whole round with just that disc. You might be surprised at how your form gets dialed in and then feels great when you go back to playing with your full set of discs.

2. Learn Your Discs

This is when it helps to play one-disc practice rounds with different discs. Use a max-weight overstable putter one day and a lightweight understable distance driver the next. A practice session with just one disc will let you get to know each disc intimately as you throw it at different speeds, angles, lines and wind directions. You can work on different shot types like forehands, overhands and rollers. You may never know what you might discover about that disc or you could find a unique utility shot you didn’t even know you had in your arsenal.

3. It’s Fun and Easy

Sometimes it’s nice to not lug your full bag or cart around. Just grab your Innova Aviar or Roc series disc and head out to the course or practice field. It’s super fun and really easy to play a one-disc round. Just try not to lose your disc! Challenge your buddies to a one-disc skins match or encourage your club to put on occasional one-, two- or three-disc challenges.

4. Realistic Practice

Realistic practice putting

Practice rounds and fieldwork can often be misleading. You are throwing extra shots and multiple lines, and it’s easier to get into a groove. This is especially true with putting practice. You stand there and rapid-fire a pile of putters at the practice basket, but that isn’t really how you throw in real life. Playing with one disc will help you slow down and play one shot at a time, more like your normal routine would be in a competitive round.

5. Getting Creative

When playing with only one disc, you might be trying completely different lines and then find yourself in spots where you wouldn’t normally practice from. It can help you improve your scrambling skills and get more creative on the disc golf course. Or, it may show you that playing a conservative lay-up with a putter off the tee pad is sometimes a smarter play than running a tight gap with your driver. You can practice different strategies and be better prepared for any situation that might come up.

These are just some of the benefits of trying one-disc rounds and disc golf practice sessions. You’ll be able to learn your discs, improve your game and have a fun way to challenge yourself as you become a much better disc golfer over time.

Published: December, 2020
Updated: November, 2023

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