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The Animal Within


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12/01/2023 // DGU Originals
December, 2023 // DGU Originals

Ever wondered which totem animal best represents you & your game?

We’re out to answer the question you never thought to ask. We’ve teamed up with the cutting-edge design team from Thought Space Athletics to bring you this brand new XXL Totem stamp series. What’s a totem you ask? A totem can be a spirit being, sacred object, symbol, or often an animal, used as a sacred emblem to represent a person, group, or tribe.

Thought Space Athletics

Based out of Winthrop, Maine, Thought Space Athletics brings intricate, organic artwork to disc design and apparel. The team, which includes founder/owner Aaron Wilmot and Tony Graystone, the designer, enjoy projects that inspire them and build up their disc golf community. Each idea and design is crafted to mesmerize you, lure you in, and make you think. “We want to make designs, both apparel and disc alike, that draw people in from afar. The more they look at the piece, the more they discover about the design’s intricacies,” said Wilmot, who revealed that a lot of their designs are inspired from eastern philosophy, science, and visual concepts. You may recognize their work from the USDGC XX Champion Roc design.


 XX Roc Blue

To complement this series, Thought Space Athletics combined all three animal images as a premium t-shirt design, which can be purchased in their online store now: https://www.thoughtspaceathletics.com/shop/ Wilmot said they chose the Wolf, Lion, and Eagle to start the series because they are all visually appealing and their strong character traits represent disc golf well. Expect more Animal Totems to follow.

Wolf Totem

The Wolf Totem signals loyalty to one’s pack. But it’s not just about staying true to one’s family, Wolves cut up just as much as they lay down the law. They lead when called to do so and forge a path when the way is unknown. The Wolf Disc Golfer keeps the card at ease with their gregarious style. They’re talkative, and sometimes a little too chatty. They often offer support and provide tips, but only when solicited for them. They approach death putts and unfamiliar holes with confidence and a chortle. Others may mistake their casual demeanor as flippant, but behind the relaxed manner is a cunning plan to win the hole and take your money.

Totem Wolf Yellow


Lion Totem

The Lion Totem symbolizes one thing above all: power. It’s displayed throughout the pride and gives each member a certain sub-Saharan swagger. Power leads to confidence, bold action, and a freedom to create. When the Lion Disc Golfer is on, it’s hard to keep up. More often than not, this player knows when and when not to go big, but with so much raw talent, they occasionally find trouble when they’re unable to resist the urge to showcase their strength. These lapses in judgement, however, are quickly remedied with another incredible shot. There’s a certain anything-can-happen feel to the Lion Disc Golfer. They may not always win, but they’re the one everyone watches.

Totem Lion Green


Eagle Totem

You’ll find resourcefulness, tenacity, and renewal with the Eagle Totem. They’ve clawed their way to the top of the avian food chain by maximizing their innate skills and through their scrappy nature. They’re not above swiping a meal from another winged competitor or feasting upon carrion to feed themselves or their offspring. Despite that grit, there’s also a connection of renewal / healing with this creature that dates back to ancient times. The Eagle Disc Golfer may not have all of the natural talent of some, but through practice, shrewd strategy, and sheer force of will, they end up on top much of the time. The Eagle Disc Golfer honors the game and doesn’t cheat, but that doesn’t mean he/she won’t keep a close eye on your shot in case you foot fault. Mental control is also possessed by an Eagle Disc Golfer. And, after a bad round, this disc golfer is adept at clearing the slate – often getting right back in the hunt with a huge next round.

Totem Eagle Orange

**Information was used from a number of Totem Animal sources including Whats Your Sign Blog and Crystalinks.com/totemanimals.

Published: January, 2019
Updated: December, 2023

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