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The Best Disc Golf Apparel for Summer


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12/06/2023 // Best Gear
December, 2023 // Best Gear

What to Wear on the Disc Golf Course When It Gets Hot

Disc Golf United is here to help keep you cool and dry during the summer. Take a look at our Summer Disc Golf Apparel Guide. We guarantee you’ll find something to make the hot months more bearable. In this disc golf clothing guide we’ll cover the items that get the most action during the hot days of summer like:

  1. T-Shirts
  2. Jerseys
  3. Polos
  4. Shorts
  5. Grip6 Socks
  6. Grip6 Belts
  7. Hats

Disc Golf T Shirts – Can’t Beat Our Blends

Nothing beats a comfy disc golf t shirt for a casual round in the sunshine. DGU offers many great short sleeve tees with fun designs and super comfortable materials.

Many of our frisbee golf shirts like the Innova Mako3 Tri-Blend Flex Tee are made from fabric blends, making them soft, stretchy, and really fun to wear even when the sun is beating down. 

We’ve got comfy and cool options for ladies too. Made with a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester, The Throw Pink Women’s Horizon Diamond Tee is the perfect soft tee to beat the heat. 

Also check out: Cap’n Crush Flex TeePig Tri-Blend Flex Tee, and Graffiti Tri-Blend Tee.


Moisture-Wicking Jersey – It’s Like a Shirt With Gutters

If you want to look good for a tournament round, you can’t go wrong with a stylish Innova disc golf jersey. These are great for a full day of disc golf and the moisture-wicking polyester fabric will keep you cool and ultra-comfortable on long, hot days. Check out our Innova Air Force Jersey (pictured below)USDGC Hawaiian Jersey, and Men’s or Women’s Prime Fusion Performance Jersey. Take a look at our Throw Pink Fusion Jerseys as well (Unisex and Ladies). 

Group of friends having conversation about disc golf while showing off INNOVA apparel

Collared Shirt Anyone? Performance Disc Golf Polo

If you really want to look sharp on the disc golf course, put on a fresh performance polo. DGU offers some great polo shirts for men and women, including the Men’s Unity Contender Polo,  Ladies Contender Performance Polo, and Men’s Performance Blade Polo. These disc golf polo shirts give you that professional look, but without the bulky weight of a traditional polo. 

Just Sleeves, Please

Arm sleeves are great for playing disc golf all-year round. They can provide a little warmth during the cold days and also UV protection during the hot summer afternoons. These can help you regulate your temperature and keep your muscles and joints healthy with a little added compression. They are also very easy to take on and off.


Reliable disc golf shorts are a must in the summer. Plus, if you’re like us you’ll find yourself wearing them the rest of the year as well (as long as it’s over 45 degrees). Try out our Innova Flow Tie-Dye Lounge Shorts, which are comfortable with a variety of unisex sizes.

Grip6 Socks – Your new favorite piece of clothing!

Yes, there are disc golf socks. Made from Rambouillet Merino Wool, Grip6 socks ventilate and manage moisture naturally, making them ideal for disc golf. They are incredibly comfortable and even insulate when wet. Plus, the Antimicrobial wool does a darn good job in preventing stinky situations. Great socks for men and women!

For a more traditional sock, but with still a snazzy look, try the Innova Prime Performance Socks or the Throw Pink Tee Box Sox.

These socks are an easy and affordable way to add some flair to your disc golf wardrobe.

Grip6 Crew Socks Blue

Belts – Keep your pants on!

Let’s face it, the belt you wear out to the club is not going to work for your disc golf belt. Lucky for you we have an ample supply of Grip6 disc golf belts, the premier belt manufacturer for disc golfers. Their innovative belt design is super comfortable around the waist and they produce many unique buckle designs to suit your personal style.


Last but not least, you’ll want to keep the sun out of your eyes when you are staring down those circle 1 putts. So be sure you’re  stocked with stylish and breathable Innova disc golf hats. With its 3-D lettering and awesome color combos, the Innova Flow Flatbill Hat will have you looking like the player to beat (even if your game is still a work in progress). 

If super light is what you are after, the River Adventure Hat and the Trailhead Adjustable Performance Hat will be right up your alley. They’re so light you may even forget they’re on your head! 

Classic, simple, and light, the Unity Snapback Mesh Hat is an easy choice for your go-to disc golf round hat. 

To keep the sun and the elements at bay, there’s none better than the full coverage Feather Safari Hat. It’s like your own comfortable disc golf environment under there. 

image 4

Ride out into the sun

The most disc golf gets played in the summer, so make sure you have the right gear before you head out into the scorching sun this summer.

Published: June, 2022
Updated: December, 2023

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