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11/10/2023 // DGU Originals
November, 2023 // DGU Originals

DGU’s Zen Series branches off into Millennium plastic for the first time with the XXL Color Lunar Zen Draco . With awesome artwork from Marm O. Set paired with Millennium’s hottest driver, you can’t lose.

More about the disc:

Similar in speed to the Orion LF, the Draco has less glide with a stronger and more sustained fade. Its combination of stability and speed give this disc a high degree of control and the power to fight headwinds for all skill levels and distance ranges. It is a “must have” for forehands, fade hyzers, thumbers and skip-shots.

Flight Numbers: 9 / 3 / 0 / 4

How they feel: Similar to a Sexton Firebird. Flat and softer than the usual Champion type plastic.

More about that stamp:

Now in his third Zen design, Marm O. Set has learned a thing or two about how to pull off the Zen Series’ Yin-Yang styled art. Each time he sets out to have the creatures interact with each other in some way. Figuring out how they interact is often the trickiest part, said Marm O. Set.

“The next tricky bit to assign is how the two creatures will be different from each other. You can’t be lazy and use the exact same creature twice,” said Marm O. Set.

You will notice the top Draco character has more of a Chinese dragon influence with horns atop its head and a fan along the spine, while the bottom character is more fantasy driven, he said.

Luck Dragon Draco character

Catfish Whiskers?

Each dragon sports two long catfish like whiskers, which Marm O. Set says is also a nod to Chinese mythology.

Draco Name: Latin for dragon, Draco is a constellation in the northern sky. Marm O. Set said that the way the dragon characters are positioned loosely forms the Draco Constellation’s ‘S’ Curve.

Why get one?

Firebird lovers, looking for a disc with a straighter flight, but still has that Firebird-like hook at the finish will want to check these out. Plus, Marm O. Set’s Zen dragon will set yours apart from the crowd.

Published: October, 2019
Updated: November, 2023

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