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What is Innova VTech?


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11/10/2023 // Disc Selection
November, 2023 // Disc Selection

In our previous blog article, we talked about the science and story behind Innova’s 3-Series discs like the Leopard3, Roc3 or TeeBird3. Today, we want to talk about VTech, which is a disc molding technique utilized on certain Innova discs.

The Shark that Started it All

The first disc in Innova’s lineup to utilize VTech was the Shark, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. Now considered a mid-range disc, the Shark was originally considered an “all purpose” driver due in large part to the VTech design. -Tech discs feature a convex lower outer edge of the rim. It puts more of the disc weight toward the edges to create straighter and longer flight paths. Some might call it a “gyroscopic” effect during flight because of the disc’s mass distribution. The Shark was a game-changer when it was introduced and is still a staple in Innova’s DX 3-disc Starter Set.

The Leopard was the next disc to feature VTech and create what we now know as a traditional fairway driver rim. Coincidentally, the Leopard3 was the first disc to use the 3-Series technology, making it a double threat in terms of disc design innovations!

Today, there are a number of VTech discs in Innova’s catalog.

Popular Innova V-Tech Discs

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The VTech rim of the VCobra keeps it flying straighter and flatter for longer. Slower arm speeds can expect a relatively straight flight path with a predictable, gentle fade at the end. Faster arm speeds will get a soft and consistent turn out of the disc. The Wombat3, on the other hand, utilizes VTech to provide extra torque resistance, making it great for sidearm throws and controlled approach shots. The VRoc is a go-to mid-range disc for many because it allows for so many different shot shapes on the disc golf course; including but not limited to straight shots, turnover shots, backhand and forehand shots. These disc are not reserved for advanced disc golfers only, these disc allow anyone to pick it up and get to throwing.

The Manta is one of Innova’s newest discs to include VTech. It is essentially a VTech version of the classic Stingray that offers even more control and consistency. When thrown with power or on a slight anhyzer, the Manta offers a gentle turning flight. When thrown flat, it flies straight and has a nice smooth glide. This is a great disc we recommend for beginners or for advanced players who are looking for a straight-to-understable mid-range that already flies like it’s well beat-in.


Always Innovating

Star Manta VTech

Throughout its history, Innova has always been an innovator in disc design. Between VTech, 3-Series and other variable design traits, the disc names can get a little confusing. The more you understand the science behind each variant, the more you can figure out which version will be best for your disc golf game. Sometimes, the best way to find out is to just go and throw. We all have different forms, arm speeds and release angles. Not all discs will fly the same for everyone, so it helps to find what fits you best.

Published: May, 2021
Updated: November, 2023

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